Common Causes of Auto Glass Damage

Necessary auto repairs aren’t limited to your engine, wheels, or brakes. The glass components of your vehicle are also susceptible to damage. According to Grand View Research, the market for auto glass has a valuation of over $31 billion. The robustness of this market likely has something to do with car owners requiring frequent glass repairs and windshield replacement. Learn more about the common causes of auto glass problems and how to avoid them by continuing below.

Road Debris

Threats to your vehicle’s glass components are found all over the place. You can find them scattered all over the ground, hiding behind tree leaves, and tucked away in the beds of other vehicles. The threats we’re talking about here are bits of random road debris.

Pebbles kicked up by another car in front of you or small rocks coming from a flatbed truck can fly into your windshield. Weakened tree branches may also fall on your car at the wrong time and cause significant damage. It’s hard to avoid those threats to your vehicle. You can only hope they cause limited damage and don’t harm anyone inside your vehicle.

Extreme Weather Conditions

You may eventually need windshield replacement if an extreme weather system is passing through your area. The winter months can be harsh on vehicle windshields. Snow that falls and becomes compacted on your windshield overnight can cause scratches and cracks. Hailstorms during the spring and fall can also break numerous windshields as they pass.

Snow and hail are not the only weather-related threats to your car’s glass components. Extreme heat can also cause major issues for your vehicle’s windshield and windows. Because heat causes the glass to expand, any existing cracks on your windows and windshield may grow longer. They must be addressed at that point.

Poor Glass Installation

Lastly, you may also notice signs of damage on your windshield and windows because they weren’t installed properly. More often than not, these issues pop up after the window or windshield replacement has been completed. Inexperienced mechanics may have failed to fit the glass correctly within the frame, thus leading to glass damage. A poorly installed window or windshield is quite dangerous because it has a higher chance of shattering.

Address the issues affecting your car’s windshield and windows by working with experienced mechanics. Contact Zorro Auto Glass today if you’re looking for experts who can take good care of your vehicle. We can repair the damaged glass components of your car or replace them properly during your visit.