How Important Is Auto Glass Repair?

Your vehicle’s auto glass is incredibly important for ensuring visibility while protecting against the outdoor elements. The glass is also vulnerable to damage from stones and other hard objects that might impact it while driving or even while parked. According to Forbes, about 30% of all auto insurance claims are due to windshield and other auto glass damage. Here are some reasons why it’s essential to have auto glass damage fixed quickly.

Police Might Require Auto Glass Repair

Many states have laws that require auto glass repair or replacement depending on the type, extent, and location of chips or cracks in a windshield. Texas is a rare exception by not having laws that say when a damaged windshield or other auto glass should be repaired or replaced. Instead, police officers have the authority to issue fix-it tickets when they see damaged windshields or other glass and say it’s unsafe.

Damaged Glass Can Impair Vision

Minor windshield damage might seem harmless to many drivers, but it can be dangerous. A chip or a crack that is in the driver’s field of vision can be distracting. It also might block a clear view of another vehicle or a pedestrian and cause an accident. The relatively low cost to fix or replace a damaged windshield or other auto glass is preferable to the liability cost of causing an accident due to impaired vision.

Small Chips and Cracks Often Grow

A small chip or a short crack might be out of the way and appear harmless. However, changes in hot and cold temperatures and road vibration can make small chips and cracks grow and get a lot worse. A chip might trigger one or more cracks that spread quickly across your windshield. In the worst cases, a chip could create a web of spiral cracks that weaken the windshield and interfere with your vision. A small crack also could grow and spread across your windshield if left unchecked.

Bad Auto Glass Weakens Passenger Cabins

Auto glass is fragile, but it’s also engineered to prevent shattering and to withstand minor strikes by hard objects, like hailstones or small stones. The glass also adds to the structural rigidity of the passenger cabin, which could save you during a rollover accident. Replacing windshields or repairing minor damage helps restore full protection for passengers.

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