How to Keep Your Windshield in Top Condition

Car windshields are remarkably durable. According to Grand View Research, the market for auto glass is projected to grow by 4.5% annually through 2027. That kind of growth is only possible because manufacturers are delivering high-quality products to consumers. Still, we must do our part to preserve the longevity of our windshields. Go through the care tips detailed in this article to ensure your windshield replacement lasts as long as possible.

Regularly Clean Your Windshield and Wipers

Cleaning is a crucial part of maintenance for vehicle windshields. Regular cleaning is important because it prevents bits of dirt and debris from sticking to the glass. Once dirt and debris get stuck to your windshield, they are more likely to cause scratches. We recommend cleaning your windshield at least once every two weeks.

You must also keep your wipers clean because they can damage your windshield otherwise. The gunk on your wipers can spread across your windshield whenever you deploy them. As that happens, the dirt and debris can also scratch up on your windshield. We suggest that you clean your wipers every six months and replace them yearly to avoid that potential problem.

Be More Selective With Your Parking Spots

Choosing the wrong parking spot can cause significant issues for your car. More specifically, your car’s windshield may bear the brunt of your poor choice. Avoid parking near playgrounds or construction areas to protect your windshield from random bits of debris. Consider paid parking if there are no safe spots available.

You should also be mindful of the parking spots you use during the summer and winter. The extreme summer heat can exacerbate existing windshield damage. Meanwhile, prolonged exposure to inclement weather can lead to scratches and cracks forming on your windshield. You should use your garage or private parking structures whenever possible to protect your windshield from extreme weather.

Schedule Regular Windshield Inspections

Last but not least, you should schedule regular inspections to keep your windshield in prime condition. Entrust these inspections to qualified professionals to ensure no signs of damage are missed. A thorough inspection can also reveal if your vehicle needs windshield replacement sooner rather than later. Yearly inspections suffice for windshield maintenance, but don’t hesitate to request professional assistance if you notice signs of damage.

Reach out to Zorro Auto Glass if you need windshield maintenance or repairs in the Lone Star State. We can also handle windshield replacement if this component of your vehicle has sustained too much damage. Our OEM and aftermarket windshields can serve as ideal replacements. Let us know how we can help, and we’ll provide the auto services you need!