Seeing Clearly and Driving Safe: Signs Your Windshield Needs Repair

Chances are you do not think very much about your windshield. As you commute to your job and run your errands, you simply assume that automotive glass is doing its job, but what if there are larger problems looming?

Just think about what would happen if your windshield shattered on a busy highway or how much your car could be damaged if the glass began to leak during a heavy rainstorm. With so much riding on your windshield, it is important to heed the warning signs. If you want to see clearly and drive safely you need to pay close attention to your windshield, and here are some signs the automotive glass may need to be replaced.

• Lack of visibility - If you are having trouble seeing the road after dark or in rainy conditions, it may not be your fading vision. Over time windshields can grow more opaque, interfering with your ability to see properly and drive safely.

• Past accidents - Sometimes, an accident can damage the windshield, and you could have problems even if the glass never broke. If your vehicle has been in an accident, it is important to get the body shop to check the integrity of the windshield.

• White areas at the edges - As your windshield ages, you may see white around the edges. If you notice your windshield is turning white, it could be a sign that it will soon need to be replaced.

• Pitting - As you drive, your tires kick up gravel, and all those tiny stones can take their toll. Pitting can be a warning sign that replacement is on the horizon, and the worse the pitting is, the more serious the damage.

• Hairline cracks - A crack that looks inconsequential to you could cause real problems for your windshield. If you have hairline cracks, starbursts, or any other defects, you may want to contact a windshield replacement expert right away. It is easy for compromised windshields to break, putting your safety at risk and risking enormous damage to your vehicle.

If you are worried about your windshield, you should pay attention to your gut instinct. Seemingly small windshield problems can have serious, and often dangerous, consequences on the road, and you do not want to find out too late that your automotive glass needed to be replaced. If you recognize any of the warning signs listed above, do yourself a favor and ask about a windshield replacement.