Auto Glass Repair & Replacement Houston, TX

Complete Auto Windshield Service

Glass surrounds you in your car, from your windshield, back window, rearview mirror, and door windows. If they become damaged, rely on Zorro Auto Glass for your complete auto glass repair in Houston, TX.
We replace all glass types, as well as the mechanisms that power it. Our auto glass replacement and repair service includes:
Glass chip repair

Windshield repair

Whether it’s a small chip that needs to be repaired or a crack that spans the entire length of your windshield, Zorro auto glass is ready to handle the job. We provide complete windshield replacement and repairs to restore your windshield back to its original manner.
Worker tinting car window

Door window repair

From broken glass due to theft to accident repair, we offer a complete door window replacement in the event it’s needed. We handle the entire process from glass replacement and repair, to the actuator and anything mechanical that could be needed.
Auto mechanic wearing glove adjusting car wing mirror

Side mirror repair

Damaged your side mirrors backing into your garage? Whatever the case, our side mirror replacement is done using OEM parts. The new side mirrors will look exactly like the original, with no signs of damage.
Rear glass view

Back window repair

Don’t let cracks on your back window cause problems. Our back window replacement fixes your damages so you can see the road clearly behind you.
Panoramic double sunroof

Sunroof repair

Having a sunroof provides fresh sunlight and air into your vehicle, but it’s not very useful if it’s damaged or non-responsive. We provide sunroof replacement in the event it’s needed, and restore power if needed.
Shower with glass door

Shower Door Installation

A damaged shower door is not only an eye sore, but also very dangerous to use. Our professional shower door install ensures no leaks, peeling, or alignment issues.
Close-up of a truck

RV's & Semi Truck Glass repair and replacement

Having a clear vision on the road is the #1 priority when driving an RV or a Semi Truck. We provide the best in Windshield replacement and repairs for your RV or Semi Truck, so you can visibly see any road hazards ahead.
Hand adjusting rear view mirror

Rearview mirror repair

It may be small, but your rearview mirror is very important. A rearview mirror that continues to fall off or has a cracked glass can cause vision issues with your surroundings. We specialize in rearview mirror repair to help you regain your focus while driving.