What Are the Federal Regulations Regarding Windshield Replacement?

Windshield replacement is essential for the safety of your vehicle and to ensure you remain compliant with federal and state laws. Many people do not realize that federal laws are related to auto glass repair. Here is what federal regulations have to say about auto glass repairs.

1. Certain Cracks Are Illegal

Did you know that the United States Department of Transportation has a list of rules regarding cracks in your windshield? According to Progressive, the Department of Transportation regulations state that no crack can be larger than three-fourths of an inch in diameter, no cracks can intersect, no cracks can be within three inches, and no cracks should be within the driver's view. These are the minimum standards.

Ultimately, any crack that is longer than three-quarters inch in diameter, or cracks that intersect, are close to each other, or block your view, are illegal. Federal safety rules about auto glass are put in place to protect drivers. Of course, cracks are not the only item the federal laws address regarding auto glass. There is more.

2. There Are Many Regulatory Agencies

The Department of Transportation isn't the only regulatory agency with rules about auto glass. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration governs commercial vehicles and auto glass as well, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is another governing body with auto glass laws.

While each governing body has different areas they govern, they all have laws about auto glass. Getting a windshield replacement can help you to avoid fines.

3. Specific Windshield Materials Are Required

Some federal agencies have laws that affect windshield replacement and what type of materials can be used to replace a windshield. For example, the Department of Transportation has laws regarding the thickness of the windshield, and some laws affect the installation of auto glass.

Most people are unaware that there are a lot of laws surrounding auto glass and the replacement of auto glass. The best way to ensure you always comply with the law is to schedule a professional windshield replacement. Remember, the laws are in place to protect drivers. Ensuring you follow the laws will ensure road safety for you and your passengers.

Don't take the risk if your auto glass is damaged. A professional windshield replacement will solve the problem. Call us today at Zorro Auto Glass, and stay safe on the road.