When your windshield cracks while driving:

If your windshield suddenly cracks while you're driving, it can be a scary situation. However, by following these steps, you can stay safe and get the repairs you need:

Step 1: Stay calm. Though it may be alarming, remember that car windshields are made of two laminated glass panes and a plastic layer, which help keep the glass from shattering.

Step 2: Pull over and turn on your hazard lights. Find a safe place to stop and make sure other drivers are aware of your situation.

Step 3: Exit the vehicle carefully. Make sure all passengers are out safely as well.

Step 4: Inspect the damage. Look at the specific part of the windshield that is damaged and assess the severity of the cracks.

Step 5: Contact professionals. Attempting to repair the windshield on your own can be dangerous. Contact a reputable windshield repair service to ensure your safety.

It's important to keep a level head when dealing with windshield cracks, and to call in the professionals to properly fix the problem. In Houston, TX area, you can find windshield repair service that will come to you and fix the crack on the spot to ensure that you can drive home safely.

From minor cracks and chips, to major glass damage, Zorro Auto Glass is here to ensure your glass is professionally repaired and ready to weather the road conditions ahead. We work with your insurance provider to expedite your auto glass repair claims. Our experts can handle any type of auto glass, from your windshield to your mirrors and even your sunroof.

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